March 2018

“But He sets the needy securely on high away from affliction, and makes his families like a flock”

Psalm 107:41


The Family

There is nothing on earth more important than the family! God established the family and He knows best what every child needs when they are born. Societies rise and fall depending on the family structure.


Chileleko Family

Our vision has always been to provide, “A Hope, a Family and a Future” for children at risk! Last week I was privileged to receive a undate from our HOH Chileloko home. All the children are being loved by the “Global Life” Church family. Here are a couple of special children

Cloud’s mother is a prostitute and she was staying with him in the streets. He was neglected and abused. Social welfare placed him under Chileleko. The mother has visited him at least once every month. The mother is around 30 years old. Social welfare is assessing her mental status with the hope that she will be able to have her son again at some point. He is 3 years old.



Nyahsa will be 3 in May and was abandoned and stayed at Chitungwiza Hospital for 6 months. From the hospital he was placed at Chileleko. When he came he had severe malnutrition. His name Nyasha meaning grace was derived from the fact that his chances of survival was by God’s grace since he was very sick. His surname Mapurisa is Shona for police. Thus police brought a baby who was close to death but he survived by the grace of God.

Through your generosity and sacrificial giving we are able by God’s grace to provide a family for special children like Cloud and Nyasha. Thanks for being a part of our Hands of Hope family!


Because of Jesus and His love,

Glen & Patty