June 2018

“My Father is working until now, and I myself am working” John 6:17


God at work

May 25th was Africa Day, a holiday in Zimbabwe, so Patty and I visited 4 of our HOH homes. Besides spending time together, we took some sweets to share, told a story and prayed for them. The 24 children pictured on the left are from our 2 Highfield Philadelphia homes. We met 3 brand new little one’s who were given to us by
Social Welfare. Barbara and Rhoda are the 2 house mothers (one on each end with big smiles) who have been serving as house mother’s for 15 years. Neither have ever been married but they are working to make Jesus’ love real to each special child!

On May 26th, I had the privilege of being part of my 3rd wedding here for a young doctor, Kudzi, who works at a Mission Hospital and Brenda, his beautiful bride. Kudzi had been part of the Highfield
Nazarene Church. But this picture is of a special couple who were helping at the wedding, Tawanda (from Highfield Church) and his wife, Pamela (from the Westgate Haven Home) who were married last October. The two of them met at Habitation of Hope during one of our VBS camps. God is working and has worked to bring them together. What a joy and blessing to witness God’s faithfulness through each of you, our pastor’s and their wives, the director’s, mothers and aunties in the homes and transformational centers, and all of the children (young and those who are now adults). We are co-workers together with you and partnering with our Lord to save children from the enemy who came to kill steal and destroy. However, Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. He did it once for all, the just for the unjust to bring us to God! Halleluah!


Because He Lives,

Glen & Patty