Higherlife Foundation Workshop

at Hwange / Binga

working session

ReImagine Rural

Mr E Chitsungo, Ms D Mugugu, and Mr S Gwatidzo of Higherlife Foundation (HLF) conducted a workshop at the Assemblies of God Hwange Conference Centre for partners from our 9 Hands of Hope Transformation Centers. The HLF team took turns unpacking the ReImagine Rural campaign.


Key Points raised in the workshop

  • The thrust of ReImagine Rural is to take people from Financial Dependence to Financial Independence.

  • Applicants must have a Project Constitution – Ms Mugugu has already sent a template of the Constitution

  • Applicants must have a Project Steering Committee.

  • Each Committee member must have Proof of Residence – Village Heads and other Community Leaders can provide that. 

  • Pastors should meet with their congregants by the 10th of March

  • Church Partners to submit names of group members to HOHT by the 15th of March

  • HOHT to submit names of project groups to HLF by the 17th of March

  • On the 23rd of March, HLF will conduct a training program for groups.

  • HLF will give feedback to groups on the 29th of March

  • In early April, successful groups will get their loans.

After the workshop, we visited Nekabandama and Lupote Transformation Centres. The HLF team got to meet beneficiaries of feeding support. The support has helped to keep orphans in schools.