Goshen Children's Village

By Garikai Masuka

Charles, Pastor Mutatu, Pastor Samuel and I drove from Harare to Goshen today. Our first port of call was Goshen Primary School. Children were not loitering around when we arrived; they were all indoors doing serious business with their teachers. The school has an enrollment of 150 children. 23 are from Goshen Children’s home. The staff complement is 5.


Pastor Mutatu updated the team on two projects which the church is looking forward to undertake this year. The first one is a school administration block which will be funded from revenue raised at Goshen. The partner has already put a foundation for the building. The second project is a children’s home project which will be funded by Nazarene Compassionate Ministry. The project has not started yet. The partner is looking forward to host a building team at the end of July. 


Foundation of the Admin Block in the first picture, in the second picture close to the water tank and between home 2 and 3 is the proposed site for the other children’s home.


It is interesting to see children who have aged out of Philadelphia projects joining the staff ranks. Mildred who was once in Fern 2 Home is now teaching at Goshen after completing her undergraduate degree at Great Zimbabwe University. Shelton is a Habitation of Hope graduate from the interns program. He is helping in operation of small engines and farming.