Runyararo Children’s Home

Harvest Ministry

16 February 2018

6 February 2019


Nyasha Mangwende

- 16 Feb 2018

Born : 2 September 2007

Grade 6

Good at soccer and athletics

Has been with Runyararo from 16 February 2009


6 February 2019 update

Nyasha is now in Grade 7 at Marlborough Primary School. He is an average student in academics and a very avid sportsman.


Esther Chiedza Kabhizi

- 16 Feb 2018

Born: 22 September 2010

Grade 2

Been with Runyararo from 2012


6 Feb 2019 update

Esther is now in grade 3 at Marlborough Primary School. She is a high performer in school.


Miriam Ganizani

- 16 Feb 2018

Born: 26 April 2011

Grade 1

Came to Runyararo on the 21st of December 2012


6 Feb 2019 update

Miriam is in grade 2 at Marlborough. She is in the same class with Esther and Nyasha Ndekwere. Her performance in class is above average.


Nyasha Ndekwere

- 16 Feb 2018

Grade 1

DOB not known, the home uses 21 May 2011

Came on 27 September 2016


6 Feb 2019 update

Now in grade 2, same class with Miriam and Esther. The three girls encourage each other and are all above average in school performance.


Tadiwa Peter Shumba

- 16 Feb 2018

Born: 16 November 2012

Doing ECD A


6 Feb 2019 update

Peter started Primary School this year; he is in Grade 1 at Marlborough Primary School. We are looking forward to see him carrying on with his great performance since he was the best pupil at his preschool. Report from school says he has settled down very well.


Kudakwashe Ndekwere -
16 Feb 2018

DOB: Not known, Runyararo uses 14 March 2014

He is doing preschool –ECD A

He came on 27 September 2016 at the same time with his sister Nyasha.


6 Feb 2019 update

Kudakwashe is still in preschool. He is expected to start primary school next year. He seems to love his school.


Panashe Sithole - 16 Feb 2018

Born : 19 November 2013


Came on the 18th of June 2014


6 Feb 2019 update

Panashe is still in preschool at Gabas, a stone’s throw from Runyararo Home. He is a very jovial child.


Kimberly Ruvimbo Nyakudya - 16 Feb 2018

Born: 22 April 2015

Came on the 7th of August 2015


6 Feb 2019 update

Kim started preschool this year. She is at Gabas with her brothers Panashe, Kudakwashe and Anopaishe. She has made remarkable milestones.


Rutendo Nherera - 16 Feb 2018

Born: 29 April 2002

Doing Form 3 at Marlborough High School


6 Feb 2019 update

Following the aging out of Tatenda, Rutendo is now the eldest child at Runyararo. She is now in Form 4. The caregivers are pleased with her discipline at home and her diligence at school. She going to writing defining public exams this year and we are praying for the best for her.


Bridget Chafanza

On place of safety and may leave any time soon.

She is not going to school – integrated back to extended family by Social Welfare


Tatenda Nherera

Tatenda has aged out of Runyararo, she is now staying at Pastor Peter’s house in a halfway home plan. She is studying toward s a diploma in Human Resources Management.

Anopaishe Yohani - 16 Feb 2018

Born : 5 January 2016

Came on 11 March 2016


6 Feb 2019 update

Anopaishe has started preschool this year. We are thankful to God for his health. He seems to be growing out of conditions which plagued him in early childhood.

Blessing Madzvamuse - 16 Feb 2018

Born: 11 September 2004

Came on the 12th of November 2014

Doing Form 2 at Marborough High School. She is a good soccer player


6 Feb 2019 update

Blessing has managed to balance sports and academics. She is on the school soccer team and her performance in class has been pleasing. She is now doing Form 3.