Our Vision

Providing hope, a family, and a future for orphans.

A Brief History

Created in 2001 in the Bay Area of California, our vision has always been to care for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe. We realized that we can only do so much if we are thousands of miles away in a different country (and a different culture for that matter), so we intentionally sought out partnerships with local churches in Zimbabwe to empower and collaborate with them to care for these children. The local church partnerships are vital to our vision and mission. From the United States we send resources, skilled workers, and short-term teams to help the local churches build and sustain the care for these children through homes and transformation centers.

Moving Forward

Our vision has stayed the same since we started over 15 years ago. Our core conviction is to care for the orphaned and at risk children in Zimbabwe, so that is how we will continue to move forward in the future. We are building and sustaining homes, transformation centers, and preschools for these kids, and we are inviting other organizations, churches, and individuals to participate - including you!

Core values

Our core values are infused into every aspect of our vision. Like our vision, our core values have been constant since we started over 15 years ago. Here is a list of our core values:

  • Biblical Truth
  • Great Commission
  • Prayer
  • Servant Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Financial Accountability
  • Excellence

From Zimbabwe

Gari is on our staff in Zimbabwe. Get to know Gari, as well as our vision on the ground in Zimbabwe, by watching the video below:


Our Mission

An Overview

When Hands of Hope was created, the following mission statement was crafted:

We exist to communicate the love of Christ to orphans by partnering with local churches and assisting the body of Christ in meeting the needs of orphans - body, soul and spirit - in Zimbabwe, Africa and around the world.

We still hold to this mission statement today.


Financial Accountability

We are committed to financial accountability to those who we serve and those who support us. 95% of all funds donated go toward the ministry to the children. We make sure that our organization is truly helping the needs of children in Zimbabwe.


How it works

There are four major avenues where we focus to accomplish our vision which make up our practical mission to care for the orphaned and at-risk children in Zimbabwe. These avenues are Homes, Transformation Centers, Habitation of Hope, and Child Sponsorships.

Board of Directors: Zimbabwe

Dave Rousseau

Phibion Gwatidzo
Treasurer; Director

Douglas Everswick

Myles Hall

Glen Miller

Dickson Mundia

Joe Proctor

[ Tom Jackson ]
[ Alternate Director ]

Board of directors: United states

Glen Miller
President & Founder; Chairman

Joe Proctor
Treasurer; Director

Tom Connolly
Secretary; Director

Rich Ferrari

Ray Martino

Jon Talbert

Vach Kompella

Christine Keeling Taylor

Nate Leon