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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

April 2013

Chileleko Home of Hope

Patty and I have now been in Zimbabwe just a little over a month.  It has been such a joy to have taken in 5 new precious children into our homes during that short time.  We opened up Chileleko last year with Pastor Peter Mabasa and his team at Global Life Ministries.  Chileleko means “blessing” in the Tonga language.

Ella Zuze, on the left, is 8 ½ years old.   Her mother passed away some time ago.  Her father remarried and didn’t want her.  That may shock you but unfortunately it is very common when either a man or woman remarry.  Ella was also turned out by an aunt who didn’t want her.  She hasn’t been going to school, can’t read or write and does not even know her age.

Heather and Ella

 Heather Tanaka Chiwere is 7 years old and is from a place called  Rusape.  Both parents passed away along with her grandmother who was taking care of her.  Tanaka has never been to school but that is now going to change for both these girls.  Please pray for them as they will be far behind, don’t speak a word of English and have to fit into this house of “blessing” with other children they have just met for the first time.   The good news is that they will now begin being loved by Chileleko’s house mother, auntie and the body at Global Life Ministries.  The Lord so loved the world that He gave His Son but His heart has been always inclined in a particular way for the fatherless.

HOH 134 Acre Property

Since arriving, I have been working diligently with Jephat, Gari and Farayi our HOH men and we just finished putting together a “Master Plan” for this property.  Our Zimbabwe HOH Trust Board approved it on 22nd of last month!  We have a lot of work to do in order to use it for orphans and God’s glory.

Patty and I have a habit of reading a Psalm or Proverb out loud each day before praying together.  A couple of weeks ago we read Psalm 71.  Verse 3 says, “Be to me a rock of habitation to which I may continually come; You have given commandment to save me, for You are my rock and my fortress.”  We are going to call the property “Solid Rock – Habitation of Hope (HOH).  We desire that all who come there would sense God’s presence and continually come to the Saviour whose death, burial and resurrection we just celebrated.

Without you, Ella and Tanaka wouldn’t have been rescued and now be in a loving home where they have a future and hope.  Thanks again for your loving partnership.

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Glen and Patty