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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

May 2012

Hands of Hope May 2012 Newsletter

Eleven years ago we opened up our first residential home. We called it Hillside House of Hope because Hillside is a suburb of Harare where the home is located. The girls that were originally taken into that home were rescued from living on the street. They are now grown and two of them are married, the others are out of the home working or living with extended family. One of the girls, Dorcas, is a caregiver in one of the 3 homes on Goshen Village. She is planning to be married in the near future.

The children in this picture now live in the Hillside home. They were taken in at the end of last year. I would like to introduce them to you from left to right. Archgrace is from Chiweshe. She was born on June 31, 2000. Her mother passed away. Her father is still alive but has been very irresponsible so she lived with her grandmother until she wasn’t able to care for her. Brave was born February 12, 2000. In 2003 his brother, Tatenda (standing next to him), was born. They have different fathers and their mother wasn’t married to either of them. After the birth of Tatenda the mother started showing signs of ill health and soon died. The boys were taken from Hurungwe where they were under the care of their ailing widowed grandmother. Dennis, the little boy in front is the youngest of the Hillside house of Hope family. He was born on the March 1, 2009. His father died when his mother was pregnant with him and his mother died at the hospital after his birth. Yolanda was born September 15, 2002 in Mvurwi. Her father died and her mother was very sick and unable to care for her.

These 5 children are being loved by Cranborne Community Church. I have known some of the leaders from this church long before HOH started. They were feeding orphans in a very poor suburb of Harare. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that we only partner with churches who already love orphans in Jesus’ name!

Words cannot express our thanks for your faithful partnership and generosity. You are bringing hope and a future to orphans who otherwise would not have one!

For Him and for the children,

Glen and Patty
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