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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

April 2012

Hands of Hope April 2012 Newsletter

Hello this is a draft edit 2.Last year, one Sunday morning during the worship service at Valley I gave 3 girls $100 each and challenged them to see how they could multiply it for the Lord, in a little less than a month. I told them that we would use the money for Hands of Hope when we returned to Zimbabwe. Three weeks ago at a Church service I met 9 girls taken off the streets in Harare. When Pastor Dube introduced the girls to me my heart sank as I looked at them, their clothes and heard some of their stories. One of the girls had been sexually abused by her father. I knew at that moment where we would use the money. We gave the earnings to Pastor Dube to take the girls shopping for clothes.

I received a text message from Pastor Dube a few days later. “Pastor Glen, we are so thankful here at Wings of Grace, along with the staff, Pastor Dube and his wife, for purchasing a home for the children we have rescued. Yesterday was a great day as we took the children down town for the first time in their lives. They only had used clothes which were oversized and didn’t fit. Yesterday for the first time they were able to choose new clothes. Thank you!”

We purchased a home for pastor Dube’s Church last year but authorities haven’t registered it yet, so Pastor Dube and his wife are keeping them in their own home for now. We have 6 more residential homes ready for orphans but we have to wait until they are registered. Such is life here!

Wedding Bells

Around 9 years ago Westgate Church in San Jose purchased a home for Hands of Hope. Cassandra was one of the first girls we took into the home. She is pictured here with her new husband, Clive signing their marriage license. They were married March 31st! Patty and I had the joy of attending the wedding along with all the other girls who are part of the Westgate Haven Home.

I had my first pastor’s seminar this past week through the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe in a poor community outside of Harare. We had a very fruitful time. Lord willing, I will be doing at least 8 more seminars in different cities here in Zimbabwe.

It is such a privilege to minister in Zimbabwe through local Churches, who love orphans in Jesus’ name. It is also a privilege to partner with faithful supporters like you. We can’t thank you enough for your eternal investment in the lives of children at risk!

For Him and for the children,

Glen and Patty
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