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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

About Hands of Hope

We are Hands of Hope
Hands of Hope Trust cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe. The country has been facing the most challenging era in its history. HIV/AIDS and a failing macroeconomic environment have resulted in massive poverty. The official statistics says that one in five children in Zimbabwe is an orphan. Once orphaned, the children find themselves on the street where abuse, malnourishment and worse can soon follow. It is against that background that our Trust gives orphans a home, family and a future.

Hands of Hope currently supports 18 homes for orphans (maximum no of children in the home range between 8 and 12- its a real family setup), feeds more than 1700 children everyday at 25 feeding centers. Hands of Hope emphasizes local community involvement and community ties for the children. The children go to local schools and the homes have less than 12 children, they are not institutions. We know such work must be led locally. Hands of Hope partners with local neighborhood churches; these local partners lead the homes and feeding projects and most importantly love the children. The local church partners generally provide much of the labor and some or even all of the required operational funds. Hands of Hope’s over 25 feeding programs provide one or more meals a day for over 2000 local children. These meals are often what stand between children and hunger or abandonment by distant relatives that might not otherwise be able to care for them. Hands of Hope supports the education for each child in a home and provides assistance directly to 6 preschools. A 1000 acre Hands of Hope farm helps provide fresh food for the children in some of the Homes. Hands of Hope also has a 134 acre Camping site called Habitation of Hope which it is currently developing for camping activities for children and as a skills training center.

Our model

Even with all the best intentions, caring for orphans cannot be effectively managed thousands of miles and a culture away. Instead we partner with local neighborhood churches to lead each home and feeding project. We do not ask the local partners to love orphans and run a home. Instead we identify those that are already sacrificing and caring for orphans. We come along side them, we find a home, we teach them how to run it and the best practices in caring for orphans. We know they have a heart for orphans because they were already caring for them. We enable them to do more and since we have doing this for a long time, we have learned how to do it well and we show them how. We expect the local partners to also invest according to their means, many homes have a substantial portion and some even all, their operational expenses paid for by the local partner. We also provide oversight to make sure local partners lead the home well.

Community emphasis
In Zimbabwe community connections are critical. A traditional institutional “western style” orphanage would leave children unprepared to function in the community. The Hands of Hope home model emphasizes local community involvement and community ties for the children. The children go to the local school and play with the local neighborhood kids.

Our homes are normal neighborhood houses. The home is simply a typical neighborhood house fitted to accommodate around 10 kids. The children may range in age from infants to teens. The home is located in a residential neighborhood near schools and community play areas. The homes are led by matrons and include housekeeping and other part time support staff, usually from the local church partner supporting the home. Working together, this staff cooks, cleans, nurses, teaches, protects and most important of all, loves the children. Additional help is drafted from community volunteers.

Providing Hope
Money goes a long way in Zimbabwe. For under $60 a month an orphan can be housed, clothed, educated and fed. For less than $20 a month, we can provide a daily hot meal. Hands of Hope is effective and careful with the money entrusted to it. We know that money was given to help children. Now and over our entire history more than 95% of the money donated to Hands of Hope goes directly to the work of helping the children in crisis.

Jesus served and taught the poor, the sick, the oppressed and the outcasts. We share in his special concern for children and in his call to care for one another, share with one another and to love one another without discrimination or conditions. We bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ life, words and works.

Mission & Vision

Who We Are
Hands of Hope is an evangelical, non-denominational, non-profit organization which cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe and around the world. We exist because of God’s concern for the total person: body, soul and spirit. We depend upon the prayers, gifts and donations of caring people.

“Providing hope, a family and a future for orphans”

We exist to communicate the love of Christ to orphans by partnering with local churches and assisting the body of Christ in meeting the needs of orphans–body, soul and spirit in Zimbabwe, Africa and around the world.

Core values

  • Biblical truth
  • Great commission
  • Prayer
  • Servant leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Financial accountability
  • Excellence

Operating principles
The core operating principle of Hands of Hope is to function as a partner with local churches to collaboratively meet the needs of orphans. Local partner churches are chosen when they have already demonstrated the heart, desire, and ability to love and care for orphans. Hands of Hope contributes to the passion of local partners by expanding upon existing efforts to orphans by furnishing resources (eg, food, property) and training. Partner churches contribute by supplying funding, labor, leadership, and love to support the children in the home. The management of the homes reflects the local culture and context. Children are raised in neighborhood houses, they attend local schools and churches, and participate in activities common to a normal child. The national leadership of Hands of Hope Trust in Zimbabwe expands upon existing efforts by assisting, teaching, and monitoring the homes and partner churches to ensure that children are being raised in accordance with the memorandum of understanding. Boards of Directors in both Zimbabwe and the United States approve of all policies, plans, and annual budgets for Hands of Hope. The Trust in Zimbabwe makes grant requests for any activities approved by the local board  to Hands of Hope (USA).

Hands of Hope was founded in 2001 by Glen and Patty Miller. Glen is President of Hands of Hope as well as a pastor and teaching elder at Valley Church in Cupertino, California. Glen taught and coached in the East Side Union High School District in San Jose, California from 1966-1978. He and his family joined OC International in 1978 and served for 7 years, with terms in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Glen served at Los Gatos Christian Church from 1985-88 heading up the college ministry and overseeing the youth department. He organized short-term missionary programs while at Los Gatos, sending out about 50 college students who worked in local churches in the Philippines. He has also been on 18 Sports Ambassadors teams sharing Christ in 20 different countries. He served at San Jose Christian College from 1988-99 as Campus Pastor, Athletic Director, Professor and basketball coach. He has organized and led summer mission’s trips for students at SJCC to Argentina, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and the Philippines. He has lead 34 different short-term missions trips over the years in over 20 countries. Patty is involved in the leadership of women’s ministry at Valley Church.

Glen and Patty have two children, Kelley, who graduated from San Jose Christian College with a BA in Christian Education and from San Jose State with a Master’s in ESL. Kelley has served the Lord in Nigeria, Kenya, and China. She is now a full-time missionary serving with OMF in Cambodia. Glen, graduated from San Jose State University with a Biology degree. He then received his doctorate at Loma Linda University in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. He presently is working as a medical writer with a biotech company.

Current projects

  • 18 Residential homes
  • 25 Feeding programs
  • 1 Goshen Village
  • 134 acre Camping and Skills training center (Habitation of Hope)
  • Helping a total of approx 1700 orphans