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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

September 2015






Hands of Hope September 2015 Newsletter


An Overcomer


To overcome means to conquer, defeat, trounce and prevail. I want to introduce to you afresh to an “Overcomer” named Patience. She was smuggled into Zimbabwe from another country and was found on the streets when she was very young. She was found by the police and given to our home on Fern Road.

A Smiling Overcomer

This picture of Patience was taken less than 2 weeks ago at a 5 day Bible Camp at our Habitation of Hope property. “The Jesus Church” from Portland, who supports the home where she now lives, was in charge of the camp. During the camp Virginia, the wife of our HOH National Administrator Garikai, taught her how to make a skirt. The sewing machine along with 8 others were donated by another church from the US. Her smile is an indication that with Jesus one can overcome, despite a hard past!


Skills Training

Patience wasn’t the only young girl who was taught how to sew! We hope that one day we will have a “sewing center” at our camp. We have received a very generous gift from a couple who long to see us equip our children with a skill. We are in the final stages of getting permission from the government to build structures on the property which will enable us to meet that goal.

Some are saying that California, where we live, is sinking into the ocean? Others are saying that our economy has already sunk? We however put our “hope” in the One who overcame. He enables us by His indwelling life to be overcomers in this shifting, shaking and changing world. Your continued generosity allows us to share the love of Christ with children who need a Savior! Thanks!

Because of Jesus

Glen and Patty