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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

August 2015






Hands of Hope August 2015 Newsletter


When we came back from the mission field in the 80’s I did a series at our home church for university students called, “The Touch of Jesus.” I took out my concordance and looked up every passage in the NT where Jesus literally “touched” individual people like the dead, the blind, the unclean and etc. Guess what? He has also “touched” our lives or you wouldn’t be reading this HOH newsletter.

bcc girls august


I received a report from our HOH Borrowdale Community Church home. The girls as you can see say “thank you!”

Sarah Njainjai (third from the left) is 4 years old. She is the most mature of the toddlers and has taken a leadership role. She has an increased knowledge of God and participates during Bible study. She is already producing beautiful art work.

Panashe Masvosve (on the far right) is 3 years old and the youngest. She is very helpful, playful and a very quick learner.

Judith Madenyika (4th from the left) is 4 years. She gives the most feedback during Bible class, and is quick to report back on those who did and did not pray. She is a very cheerful girl, eager to learn and follows instructions well.


All of these girls attend the preschool that has been established at the home. The preschool teachers have been trained and with our Lord’s help we are endeavouring to, “Train up the children” in the way they should go.” All of these precious little girls have come from “hard places” but are now being “touched” daily by caregivers who love them in Jesus’ matchless name.


We give thanks to the Lord for your “long reach.” Jesus left His place, to come to our place, to take our place so that we could go to His place! We pray that each of these girls will be “saved by grace through faith!”

Touched fro eternity

Glen and Patty