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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

March 2015






Hands of Hope March 2015 Newsletter

Patty and I have been in Zimbabwe now for almost 2 weeks! We are thankful for our adjustment to life here on the other side of the world. One of the joys that we are able to experience is to see afresh each year the precious children that the Lord has allowed us to care for 24/7 in our 18 residential homes.

Runyararo Children’s Home

Several years ago we started partnering with Harvest Church in a children’s home called Runyararo! The closest Shona word to the Greek concept of “Shalom” is Runyararo. The Shona word talks of “peace” that encourages holistic wellbeing. We have 10 children and 2 caregivers who are part of the Runyararo family.



Leona came to us several years ago and is now a young teenager. She has something to smile about after passing all 9 subjects at Ordinary Level. In Zimbabwe the average pass rate in O levels–passing 5 subjects with grade C or better – is only 20 percent! This is due to the declining educational system.   Leona’s hope is to pass her Advanced Level and then go on to University! We are rejoicing with her as her example is a great encouragement to the other 9 girls who live with her at Runyararo.

Please pray for wisdom with us as one of the major issues we continue to face, especially at our Habitation of Hope Camp, is lack of electricity. We are often without power for 2 or 3 days at a time. We are hoping to go “green” using solar power. We figure we can do our entire camp for around $25,000! This would really help as our monthly electricity bill which is between $500-800 a month when we do have power. We also want to build 2 dorms, one for boys and one for girls, which would house 30 campers each!


We are so grateful for what our loving Lord has done, is doing and will continue to do as we trust in Him with all our heart. We are so thankful for your amazing generosity!


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Glen and Patty