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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

August 2013





Friends of Hands of Hope,                                                                                                            July 2013

Recently a 13 member team from Westover Church in Greenboro boarded a plane back to the US.  They were the first team to do a week long camp for children who don’t go to school on the “Habitation of Hope” property.  Below are some thoughts from their Westover blog.


“We are staying at the new site for Hands of Hope, helping host a camp for 53 orphans all of which arrived overflowing with excitement yesterday evening.  The property is 134 acres of land and trees, ponds and open fields, and now bright white smiles. God has blessed the people here in remarkable ways, two of which are gorgeous teeth and amazing singing. On Sunday we attended two services the second pastored by Pastor Ephraim.  He lives in a small home (maybe 15 x 20ft) with his wife, his four sons, and 8 orphan boys. His humility and kindness brought instant lumps to our throats.  In addition to pastoring his church, he also serves 300 orphans, many of whom are very sick, every day in his kitchen (an outdoor fire with a grate over it).  . His countenance was like an angel, confident in the Lord, but humble in spirit. We all wish you could have met him.”campallelu

“Our first day of camp is almost complete, and the children are already writing their names on our hearts.  We never have an empty hand, if a child spots one they quickly claim it with their small hand and a smile. We have also fallen in love with their caretakers, Elizabeth, Milca, and Grace; young mothers that volunteer to care for and teach the children.  And the men that run Hands of Hope, oh my goodness, there are no words to describe them.”


We can’t begin to thank the Westover team for loving orphans in Jesus mighty and loving name.  But we want to thank you for helping us purchase a property where children at risk can grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.  We believe hundreds of orphans will experience new life at “Habitation of Hope” in the years to come!


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Glen and Patty