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Hands Of Hope – Hands of Hope cares for orphans and children at risk in Zimbabwe in partnership with the local church.

July 2013




Hands of Hope July 2013 Newsletter


Friends of Hands of Hope,


Last month 2 of our HOH board members visited us in Zimbabwe.  I asked Rich Ferrari, who made his first trip here, to share a little from his heart to yours.


“I just returned from a trip to Zimbabwe with Glen, Patty, Jon Talbert, another HOH board member and his wife Cheri.  We visited 12 different homes and sang with and held over 125 beautiful children along with visiting our new site – Habitation of Hope. To say that this was a life changing experience would be an understatement, it was in fact life changing but also tremendously stimulating to see the Lord working miracles through His servants. The tragic stories of these kids are all encompassing.  It is hard to believe that such evil could exist in this world.  In the United States we hear from time to time of tragedy like homeless people and rape but it seems so distant from our daily lives. Inside Hands of Hope homes every child has a tragic story from being raped by their fathers, to being used in sex trafficking, to being abandoned literally as young as 6 months and left on the streets to die.  However, there is hope when you pick one of these precious kids up or you hear them sing together praising God and witness the transformation from death to life right in front of you, it is as if you were seeing miracles as vivid as when Jesus walked the earth. In closing all I can say is that I have been transformed and renewed by this experience and will work diligently to help expand the work of HOH primarily through our new property Habitation for Hope.”  Rich


Let me introduce these precious children, from our home run by Borrowdale Community Christ, to you from left to right.

bcc kids and board members

Lucia (child in Patty’s hands) is 3yrs old.  Her mother is mentally ill and in prison.
Judith came to the home as her mother is dead and no one knows where her father is.
Vanessa is 10 and had never gone to school.  She is now attending school and can recite a few Bible verses.    Her mother and father are deceased.

Sarah is 3.  Her mother is mentally ill and presently in prison for murdering another one of her children.
Panashe is 1½.  She is afraid of strangers but beginning to respond. Her 15 year old mother dumped her off at Social Welfare because she lives on the streets.


We can’t begin to thank you adequately but will continue to praise the God of the fatherless who not only rescues the ungodly but delivers children at risk from the hands of the destroyer.


For Him and for the children,                                                                        Website –

Glen and Patty